Learning with Chocolate Chips – The ABCs of Playing with Your Food

Do you have a toddler at home that is learning their shapes (or letters, numbers, etc)? Do you want to encourage their learning while preparing food? Using chocolate chips is a perfect and fun way to incorporate little lessons into your cooking.


*Tries not to giggle*

Okay, so I’m trying really hard to give you guys some excuses to get creative with your cooking. Truth is, I don’t have a toddler at home and I just like playing with my food.

While I tend to make a lot of smiley faces, they can get old and it’s fun to branch out into other designs. With these muffins, I made several shapes. Most of them turned out pretty well, but I must say, chocolate chips are the wrong size and shape to try to make a heart. Oops!

This was my attempt at making a heart. :(

Kids or no kids, doing little things like this only takes a couple extra minutes and makes even adults crack a smile. There’s something about stepping even barely outside the norm that makes all the difference in the world. And even though the muffin is still just a muffin, they somehow taste better when they’re silly, hehe.

Creepy smiley…it’s coming to get you!

Tip: Flip the chocolate tips upside down. Not only do they look less scary, but the pointy tips will actually hold in the batter, while when done the other way, they just pop right off.


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