The tablecloth that only gets better with spills

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 photo underfull_1_tekst2.jpg

Unfortunately, Underfull is only a prototype and isn’t actually in production, so I can’t tell you where to buy this. I’m not sure it’s even practical to suggest buying it in the first place, to be honest, because all you’ll want to do is pour stuff all over it, I’m sure. :P

It’s a cool idea, though… turn something that’s usually seen as an accident and ruins a beautiful white tablecloth, into something even more beautiful. I particularly like that it’s butterflies instead of flowers or some generic pattern.

Ketchup packets are complicated

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I’m all for inventing new things and making life easier….or even if not easier, quirkier at times.

But at the same time, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,”  right?

Do people really struggle with getting the last of the ketchup out of those little packets? And is it really that big of a deal if some of it soaks through the paper on the tray?

I should hope not! But it’s cool that they found a problem and tried to fix it in a creative way anyway. I can’t imagine it ever being put into production, because well, like said, it’s really not a huge deal and it’d cost a lot more to create an entirely new design for something as silly as fry cups. It does make you think, though, huh?

Disney World Food Air Fresheners

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Turkey leg scented air freshener and mickey's premium ice cream bar scent air freshener from Disney World Resort
I love me a turkey leg any day of the week, but I really can’t say that I necessarily want my car to reek of poultry on a hot summer day either.
I’m gonna have to say the same for waffles, if I’m really being honest. Sure, a waffle might be nice in the middle of summer in an air conditioned restaurant, but the sickenly sweet smell of maple syrup is going to make me….well….sick at the thought of it even. I’ll pass.

Candy apple and Mickey Waffle Scent air fresheners from Disney and Epcot centers

It’s definitely quirky, though, right? If you want your own, they’re available at the Disney Resorts, but I’m sure you can probably find them online by now, too.