Facts about Food Friday

FAFF…Faff-alicious….Faffy taffy.

I suppose I could make it Fun Facts About Food for a double set of double f’s. Or Friday For Fun Food Facts. Ooo, FFFFF. The internet geek inside me wants to point out how close that is to the HTML code for white (#FFFFFF). #Four Fun Food Facts For Fridays? Oh yeah…

Um, no. Anyway, we’ll keep it simple and every Friday, at least for a while, I want to try out posting some quirky food facts. I love, love, love food, and that includes learning about it (although I can’t say I enjoy that -more- than eating it, hehe).

FAF #1

By weight, 98% of food additives are sugar, corn syrup, pepper, mustard, baking soda, baking powder, critic acid, salt, or a vegetable-coloring agent.

While I know corn syrup is a source of much controversy lately, I’m more scared of what that other 2% might contain. Yikes.