Eyebombing food – Are inedible eyes okay?

Googly eyes on a sushi roll to look like a snail or caterpillar

Now I’ll be the first to raise my hand if you ask me if it’s okay to play with your food. Of course it is! Change it into silly shapes. Add smiley faces.  Make it look like other objects. Switch the ingredients around into something unexpected. Do whatever you feel like really.

At the same time, I’m a little torn on adding items to food that you can’t actually eat. Yes, it can make it look even more awesome and I’ve definitely done it my fair share of times when when I can’t find something appropriate to use that’s still edible.

It almost feels like cheating at times, though. And it sort of spoils it to have to deconstruct the dish before you can eat it by removing all the parts that are inedible. It’s like having to remove toothpicks from stuffed foods….but even less fun because you immediately kill whatever creation was on the plate and make it less quirky.

Then again, look at this one:

 Eyebombing - Adding eyes to an entire breakfast of milk, eggs, pancakes, syrup, butter, salt, and even little eyes on all of the cheerios cereal bowl

Am I really going to complain that I can’t eat the eyes? No way! It’s too cute!

But I’m definitely not going to bother with that bowl of cereal… ;)

P.S. – Candy eyes are sooo much better for this sort of thing, at least when it comes to sweet dishes. You can buy them at the store or make your own like cookplayexplore does.


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    Quirky Jessi
    April 18, 2013

    Ha, nope, guess not! They could’ve at least put some jelly in one of the spoons and added eyes there, geesh! :P

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