Wasabi marshmallows and other quirky flavors

marshmallows | January 14, 2013 | By

Wasabi paste that would be used in wasabi marshmallows

The Marshmallows Company was founded back in 2008….by a 5 year old. Obviously his parents helped, but it all started when he started learning to cook when he was 3…and by 5, he was setting up a “marshmallow stand” at a family party and selling them for $1 a bag. The rest is history!

As for the wasabi ones, I can’t seem to find where to buy them. It looks like maybe he used to create interesting flavored ones and now, he’s grown so big that he just sells certain basic flavors like vanilla. I like the idea in general, though, and because I can easily make my own marshmallows anyway, it got me to thinking about other flavors I could try out.


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