Upside down backward conversion apron (Canadians love their…metric system)

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One of those lovely trip-ups of being in Canada is that everything is in metric.

If I go to the deli, I have to order 300 grams of meat versus by the pound. When I’m looking up recipes, they often use milliliters. And when I’m buying items at the grocery store, the sizes of boxes, bottles, etc, are pretty much never the same as what I’m used to because they’re adjusted to set ounce, pint, or gram mark instead.

And it’s not that I *can’t* convert measurements or that I don’t understand them. It’s just that I have to consciously think about the conversions and when it comes to things like how many milliliters are in a cup, it gets a little tricky.

But even if conversions aren’t something you ever have to think of on the fly in the kitchen, this apron has a lot of other info right at your fingertips, too. There’s roasting times, steak wellness tips, freezing guides, cooking glossary, etc.  It’s all printed upside down so you can flip it up and read it while wearing it.

Get yours from Vat19 for $25. You can see close-ups of the rest of the info listed, too.


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