Salmon guacamole wonton cups – Work what ya pantry gave ya

Okay, so the song is really Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya, but the idea is the same… what you have.

On one of many nights where I just didn’t feel like cooking much at all and hadn’t gone grocery shopping in a while, these babies were born with little effort and items already sitting in my pantry.

The girls loved them. And I was happy they were edible and only took 10 minutes to throw together.

What’s in them?

  • A can of salmon, a can of spicy diced tomatoes on the bottom
  • An avocado chopped small and mixed with sour cream (mayo or cream cheese would work, too), lemon juice, and some salt
  • Baked wonton cups made by slicing eggroll wrappers into quarters, putting in muffin tins, spritzing with cooking spray and salt, and broiling for 3-4 minutes
  • Chopped chives sprinkled on top because as L says, it makes them “look fancy,” and suddenly a million times more appealing to them.

Yay for another laziness-inspired success.


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