No, I haven’t forgotten

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No, I haven’t forgotten about Quirky Cookery and I sure haven’t abandoned it (at least not entirely). I was elbow deep in getting a whole bunch of posts written for my main site, Quirky Jessi, when oops, I got sick. Really sick. The kind of sick that took me out for 2+ weeks and that didn’t let me get ‘any’ of my usual stuff done.

I was already behind on writing for this site, but I was getting way ahead on the other that way I could focus all my time here for a while. That plan sort of failed when I ate through all my scheduled posts for QJ and now I’m no better off than I started, lol.

The good news is, I’ve been cooking some of the craziest things and taking tons of pictures. I made porcupine meatballs last night….to look like porcupines. A whole pumpkin made into the bun for a huge was for Halloween, along with witches and ghosts galore. There’ve been major cooking days and silly creations, but I just haven’t been able to post any of it yet! I probably won’t until I feel like I’m ahead on QJ, too. The joys of having one site take priority, huh? I figure that because this place is so new, I don’t have many followers here yet and I can afford to let it sit for a while. That won’t happen later.

Anywho, thought I’d update for those who ‘had’ been looking for updates and were curious what was going on. There you have it. I’ll make it up to you with lots of quirky cooking posts soon. <3


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