Quirky lettuce bunny – How does she keep her leaves so crisp?

bunny, easter, vegetables, vegetarian, veggies | January 31, 2013 | By

Sheridyn Fisher dressed as a bunny with lettuce leaves as rabbit ears and a bikini. The caption says "Be a bunny's honey. Go vegetarian." PETA advertisment for going vegan or vegitarian.

“I’d go vegetarian for that.” <— says every guy the first time he sees the picture. :P

This is actually a rather old picture that I’ve been holding onto. I couldn’t figure out if it was PG enough for QC, but ultimately, it *is* quirky and it *is* a bunny, so I had to.

The alternative was for me to try to recreate the photo myself and I’m pretty sure nobody wants to see that attempt, lol. And as a true meat eater, I couldn’t justify trying to pull off saying things like “Vegan meals are healthy, humane, and helpful to the environment, so they’re something everybunny can enjoy!” *cringes at the lameness* Still a great photo, though!


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