How to eat on the go with kids – Fast food bento boxes?

Use an art supply school organizer to hold hamburger, fries, apples, drink, and sauces from a fast food restaurant like McDonald's

You know how it is eating fast food on the go. Sure, cars usually have a drink holder, but what about for the rest?

If your kid can barely keep food on his/her plate when sitting still at a kitchen table, how can you expect them to juggle a burger, fries, sauces, and getting a drink every so often on a tiny uneven lap in a moving vehicle? You can’t.

Lookie What I Did got this little basket for a buck at a dollar store and I’m sure we’ve all seen them for art or craft supplies….or they’re synonymous with showering in college dorm rooms considering you have to carry your own toiletries back and forth.

Why not keep a couple of these organizers in the car to make chowing down on the go even easier, too? Nobody likes cleaning up ketchup off the backseat, after all. I can’t help you prevent the splatterings on the roof, though….not that I’ve ever had to deal with those exploding ketchup packets in the backseat before or anything…

Bananas go with M&Ms, Pringles with red peppers – Food art

Yellow groceries - bananas, yello m&m's package, sunsweet raisins, yellow pepper, soda, Gold brand snacks
Cool, huh?
Most times when I find something like this, it’s from a source that’s divorced from the original source’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s second wife’s daughter, twice removed.
Red groceries - red pepper, pringles, Ajax soap cleaner, nestle brand snacks
And so then I often go on a wild google hunt, trying to find the original. These pictures are from an art project by  Marco Ugolini and Pedro Motta.
I thought it was a neat concept when I saw the pictures, but I got a few laughs to go with it when I found the link on Toxel from when they were featured last year.
Blue groceries - negresco, fondue, tutlet, becel, soda shampoo, soap

Truthiness said:
So grocery shopping is art now? I like to sort my Skittles by color before I eat them, next time I’m going to take a picture before I eat them and submit it for posting.

Art is in the eye of the beholder….or something like that. :P  And well, I’d probably be just as likely to post pictures of separated Skittles, too, I think.
Also, I’m kinda disappointed by a fact I found on the art project site.
Green groceries - cucumbers, limes, green peppers, soda, Classic soda bottle, soaps, asparagus

None of the products have been bought after the shooting.

Booooo! I wouldn’t expect them to buy everything, of course, but really, didn’t buy any of it? I wonder if they even restocked any of it themselves or if they just left most of it. I can’t see any refrigerated items off hand, so that’s good at least, but there’s some produce there that was hopefully handled with care.
White groceries - Cheese, eggs, Toblerone chocolate, kenata
Black groceries - Hair brush, black coca cola coke zero, booze, energy drinks, toblerone chocolate candies

Mom diets, child becomes obese – Which is more dangerous?

drinks, health, kids, obesity, soda | March 6, 2011 | By

Maybe the title is exaggerating a bit, but this is something I see all the time. This was at a grade school classroom event where parents and siblings were invited. And yes, I took a picture in between chairs. That’s not normal?

Anyway, the root beer is for the toddler on the right (young enough that she isn’t in school yet or she wouldn’t have been able to attend). The water bottle is for the mom on the left.

I won’t climb up on a soapbox or dive into any in depth post here, especially not at the risk of coming off as too judgmental. After all, it’s just a single picture of a single set of drinks at a single time here. It does make me do a double take to see such big issues so clearly laid out sometimes, though.

There is absolutely nothing negative about water and it’s what I drink 99% of the time even, but I happen to know that this particular mom is very weight-conscious, has low self-esteem, etc, and that choice of drink is more likely sparked by a fear of calories than it is an actual choice for health. And on the flip side, if the kid is anything like half of her peers, that probably isn’t the first or last soda she had that day.

I wonder what their health will be like in 10 years. And if she’ll still own those polka dotted shoes by then. ;)