Waste not, want not – I’ll eat almost anything, but….

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So there are seemingly three main perspectives I’ve had over the years when it comes to eating foods or parts if foods that I don’t like. 
1. Hating the food as a kid and not understanding why I had to eat it anyway.
2. Hating the food as an adult and understanding why it was important to eat it anyway.
3. Hating the food as an adult and being able to say “screw it, I don’t have to eat that!”
For example, I don’t like eating the crust on a basic sandwich. As a kid, I didn’t understand why anyone would want to eat them in the first place. As an adult, I knew it was silly to waste food and that there wasn’t muh texture difference so I shouldn’t be so childish.
I don’t HATE the crusts any more and sometimes even enjoy them on the right kind of bread. If I’m alone, though, and have the choice of throwing the crusts to the squirrels instead (this is how I justify it as not wasting food…I’m sharing!), then I definitely will. If I’m not enjoying it, then why force myself to eat it anyway?
So what’s with the broccoli picture? I don’t really enjoy eating the stalks. Normally I buy fresh and can cut off as much as I want. When I buy frozen, I go with florets….and then cut off the excess. 
But this time, I ended up with “cuts” and half the bag was chalky, flavorless broccoli stalks. Instead of avoiding the bag in the freezer for months or using the whole thing in a dish and ultimately shuffling the bits around my plate later, I promptly picked out the bad stuff.
Why? Because at stage 3, even with understanding, it’s my money and my taste buds, and if I want to torture the squirrels with stale bread or the garbage disposal with tough veggies instead…I can. :p

“Ate so much, they’re going to have to roll me out!”

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It’s been an ongoing joke made within  my family for as long as I can remember. When we’d go out to eat (which was rare), whether with my parents or grandparents, it was pretty much guaranteed we would binge and eat too much. One or more people would usually say or agree that they need a wheelchair to wheel them out of the restaurant.

On more than one occasion, that feeling was described as needing to be rolled out instead, which is exactly what this video makes me think of. I’ve definitely been so stuffed after a meal that I felt like I should just flop on my side and have someone roll me to a bed so I could sleep it off, ha.

What does your salad dressing say about you?

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What your salad dressing says about you. Personality traits based on your favorite salad dressing choice.

    • Italian dressing (unidentified bits in the bottom) – You’re not much of an adventurer and it’s likely that Leonardo is your favorite ninja turtle.
    • French dressing – You’ve got quirk by the barrel full, but you write too much fan fiction.
    • Ceaser with bacon bits dressing – You’re a revel in the sense that you like to undermine things, such as the intention of a salad
    • Catalina dressing – You’re like the French dressing person but a little thinner.
    • Ranch dressing (colorful speckles, likely flecks from a precious stone) – You are a fun and pragmatic individual. There is no doubt that you’re using your ranch as both a dressing and dip.
    • Ranch with pepperbacon dressing – We should be friends.
    • Three cheese ranch dressing – You really don’t f*ck around, but won’t you let someone tame that wild heart of yours?
    • Thousand Island dressing – Stay away from my kids!
    • Blue cheese (with fine print that I can’t read) – Someone’s got carrot sticks in their crisper and a penchant for mischief.
    • Something vinegar or wine and olive oil – I bet you think you’re so healthy and ethically responsible, don’t you! Well that’s probably true. Good work!

So uh, I have a thing for sauces, in case you hadn’t noticed. If I’m at a restaurant and they offer me a sauce, I’m going to accept it. It doesn’t even matter if I’ve had another version that I didn’t like….I’m going to want to try this new one. I especially like new combinations I’ve never had. The most recent was a chunky bacon ranch.

Now I’m not the type who puts sauce all over everything, though. I just like dipping things like fries in them, to try them out, and then move on. I don’t know why or when the obsession with trying new ones started, but it is what it is and I like it.

Unfortunately, that means I like all of the dressings listed above (and may even mix a couple of them to create something entirely new….and it won’t be only for my salad either), which makes me appear even crazier than usual. Oops.