The evolution of candy bar wrappers

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Hershey’s bar wrappers have remained pretty consistent over the last century really, but some of the other candy bars in this Candy Bar Wrapper Archive have changed a bit more over time.

If you go take a look at Snickers, for example, they had a complete makeover somewhere between the 1959s and the 1980s….and then beyond that, they’ve changed colors some, but the main name font and styling has been pretty much the same. That’s most likely because candy bars are often bought at the checkout and we reach for what we know….it’d be marketing suicide to re-brand a well-known candy bar wrapper.

Some of the candy bars in the archive I didn’t recognize either. Like “Chicken Dinner” from the mid 1900s that was apparently really popular with the kids and was a reference to Hoover’s promise of  “a chicken in every pot” during the Great Depression. Who knew that kids would get excited by the idea of it. It had nothing to do with chicken, though, and was simply a chocolate covered nut roll.

Oklahoma’s State Fruit is…the Watermelon? (Facts about Food Friday)

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Facts about Food Friday

If this were a tomato we were talking about, I would understand. A tomato fits some characteristics of both a vegetable and a fruit, and we tend to use it for either general purpose, so there’s some confusion.

But the watermelon? Yes, I did my research. Yes, I know that there are some claims like how it’s part of the cucumber family, and therefore, could be considered a vegetable… But come on.

Even if it were 100% vegetable, I would say the vast majority of people think of it as a fruit. Maybe the vast majority of people are completely wrong even, but when you name your state vegetable as being the watermelon, you’re the one who looks stupid… Ah well. We probably didn’t have that high hopes for you anyway, Oklahoma. ;)

7 Up wasn’t always so easy to remember (Fun Facts about Food)

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Facts about Food Friday

Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda

That’s about what the original developer thought would be an appropriate name for people to have to say every time they wanted his lemon-lime drink.

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Until 1950, like a lot of other sodas that weren’t purely sweet drinks, it also had a mood stabilizing drug (lithium citrate) in it. Given the obesity epidemic, maybe we should go back to the time where sodas were considered medications instead of constant kid drinks. ;)