Mocktails are so catty! Wordless Wednesday

A comic called Monday Punday from Gemma Correll with a pitcher on the left and two angry mocktails on the right - The caption quote says "Why don't you take a pitcher? It'll last longer!" to be a play on words of "Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer."

Canadians like their….big jars of honey!

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Cosman and Whidden honey jar from Greenwich, Nova Scotia 5 gallons of honey
Here’s another installment of “Canadians like their…
I actually don’t even know what the honey tastes like. I heard it’s delicious, but it’s the jars that I got to experience. This guy’s parents brought the jars because they’re so handy and I used them to store things like pasta in.

Using a Honey Miel Cossman and Whidden jar to shake koolaid pink lemonade in instead of a pitcher

Oh right…and to make Kool-aid in. What can I say? Sometimes you just don’t have a pitcher available…
If you’re interested in the Cosman and Whidden honey (or the jars), they have a website with quite the rich history. It’s a family owned bee operation that’s been going since the 70s.

Table transformed into portrait – Extreme food art

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I would say that’s pretty extreme, huh? Instead of simply turning a dish into something creative….or even 12 watermelons… This is an entire table of food turned into an artistic portrait. 

And if that’s not enough, check out this time lapse video of it: 

Although, is it just me, or does that look a bit like Hitler? Never looked so good in wine, huh? Hmm.