Maybe broccoli doesn’t like you either (Wordless Wednesday)

A cartoon drawing of broccoli that looks angry with the caption that says "Maybe broccoli doesn't like you either." Touche.

Did you ever think about that? :P

Spring Cleaning the Fridge – Don’t forget underneath!

cartoons, comic, humor, ice | April 26, 2013 | By

Doghouse Diaries comic where a stick figure drops a piece of ice, looks around, considers picking it up, and chooses to kick it under the fridge instead.

You all have done this, right? I know many of us would joke about it being what a bachelor would do, but come on, sometimes it’s just sooo far to the floor to pick up that lonely piece of ice.

And really, how often do you clean under the fridge anyway? I highly doubt that many of you even remember the last time you cleaned under there. By kicking the ice under, though, it’ll melt and hopefully run forward and bring some of the dirt and dust from underneath it with it.

If your floor isn’t tilted enough, kick more ice under there. Depending on your floor surface, eventually it should start to warp under there and THEN it will surely work as intended, cleaning the floor underneath. At least this is how I justify it….and what separates me from the lazy bachelors. ;)

How do I cut pizza? Lady and the Tramp slurp style

cartoons, humor, pizza, spaghetti | March 22, 2013 | By

How to cut pizza for small groups: Cut normal into triangle slices. How to cut pizza for parties: Cute them into small squares like a grid. How to cut pizza for just yourself: Cut it into a spiral so you can slurp it into your mouth all at once.

Well, Lady and the Tramp slurp style is what I’m going to compare it to anyway:

Lady and the Tramp slurping spaghetti and meatballs in a dog romantic movie.

Is it bad that I really, really want to cut a pizza like this now in order to eat it all myself? It would feel like the never-ending slice instead of having to continuously go back to the box.