Canadians like their….big jars of honey!

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Cosman and Whidden honey jar from Greenwich, Nova Scotia 5 gallons of honey
Here’s another installment of “Canadians like their…
I actually don’t even know what the honey tastes like. I heard it’s delicious, but it’s the jars that I got to experience. This guy’s parents brought the jars because they’re so handy and I used them to store things like pasta in.

Using a Honey Miel Cossman and Whidden jar to shake koolaid pink lemonade in instead of a pitcher

Oh right…and to make Kool-aid in. What can I say? Sometimes you just don’t have a pitcher available…
If you’re interested in the Cosman and Whidden honey (or the jars), they have a website with quite the rich history. It’s a family owned bee operation that’s been going since the 70s.

When sprouts overtake the garlic cloves…

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Garlic sprout as big as a baby carrot

I don’t know all the scientific details of what the ideal temperature, humidity, etc, is for garlic to sprout.

I do know that when I was staying in Canada, though, every single head of garlic would start sprouting and all of my cloves would need to be de-germed every time I wanted to use them…even straight from the grocery store.

Garlic and stirfry chopped ingredients with peppers and broccoli - Garlic sprouted

Sometimes, it was more than just a little sprout, too. This is an example of what it often looked like. By the time I cut into a clover, there was just as much sprout to be removed as there was usable garlic left over for me to chop. It was kind of frustrating actually, especially considering it’s not something I had ever really had to deal with before.

How to de-germ sprouted garlic clove

Canadians like their…. topsy turvy measuring systems

Shot glass that has both metric and standard measurements 

I already posted about how they like the metric system. That’s a given.

It’s not just that they use the metric system, though. It’s that any given recipe may use multiple types of measurements. It wasn’t uncommon for me to have to use the scale for weighing flour…a spoon for teaspoons….and then another type of cup for milliliters (or more likely, dig around online for a conversion). Gah! It’s bad enough having to use multiple teaspoons, tablespoons, and half cups anyway, pfft.

So after listening to me whine about this more than once, Mom sent me the above/below ‘shot glass’ measuring glass for Christmas last year. It covered every type of measuring I might encountered under the half cup mark so that I didn’t have to try to convert the measurements…. or dirty every spoon in the house.

Shot glass that measures teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, mililiters Shot glass that measures teaspoons, tablespoons, ounces, milliliters (tsp tbs tbsp oz ml)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that’s purple leopard printed socks tucked inside….also part of my quirky gift box collection that was sent. <3