Chocolate and peanut butter – It just works

Chocolate cookies with peanut butter

Hershey really knew what he was doing when he created the Reese’s cup back in 1928 (Thanks Wikipedia!)
You really can’t go wrong with combining peanut butter and chocolate. Well, I guess you kind of can if you’re the type of person who hates chocolate (shame on you!) or you have a fatal peanut allergy….
But outside of that, chocolate and peanut butter just work. This weird brownie cookie, peanut butter stuffed creation was no exception to the rule either.

A ball of cookie dough, stuffed with peanut butter
Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe for these, though.

Chocolate cookie dough with peanut butter filling buckeyes (This one looks like a buckeye!)

They were inspired by some long-forgotten chocolate cookie I found online, but during a heated moment of peanut butter craving, I tried stuffing them with a peanut butter and powdered sugar filling.

Cookie dough too dry
I quickly realized that trying to create a pocket in the somewhat-dry cookie dough and then filling it with peanut butter was rather tedious….not to mention kind of messy and ugly.
Use a muffin tin to fill cookies
And because I wanted cookies *now*, I moved to creating a base and “top” out of cookie dough and dropping dollops of peanut butter in the middle instead.
Cookies made in a muffin tin with peanut butter filling
The result wasn’t really any prettier, but it did seem a lot faster and easier.
Put the top layer of chocolate on filled cookies in a muffin tin Cooked muffin tin cookies
And the result was tasty regardless. They look drier in the pictures than they really were. The oil from the peanut butter soaked into the surrounding chocolatey goodness, leaving an almost brownie-like coating around the peanut butter center, but with crunchy edges.
Reese's peanut butter filled chocolate cookie brownies recipe
They were the perfect blend of brownie/cookie with ooey gooey peanut butter in the middle. If you’re the type who likes the chewy edges on brownies, but a soft middle, these are wondermous. It’s a shame I didn’t record the ingredients I used at the time, but oh well.

The Perfect Brownie Pan – Giganto deliciousness

Kinda silly right? Especially if you saw how many times it showed on TV in all its variations, and how expensive these perfect brownie pans started off.

But also? Ah-mazing. Yeah, I bought one. Not for myself, of course….I couldn’t justify that. But I bought it for someone else and hand-delivered it when I knew it’d be convenient to make brownies. Win-win situation, right?

Better yet, boxed brownies were bought, so very little effort was put out.

And oh yeah, one box didn’t seem like enough….so we might’ve put in more than that.

Yeah, they might’ve gone a bit over the top, but oh my god…..brownies!

As if they could get any better, I got a late night craving to mix it up a bit and ran with it.

As an American, Cadbury mini-eggs were a new one for me. They’re kinda similar to robin eggs, but then….not at all. Both are little candy coated egg-shaped bites of yumminess, but robin eggs are filled with whoppers….Cadbury mini-eggs are solid chocolate with the same sort of candy coating.

Anyone who knows me, also knows that I’m not joking when I say I want “chocolate with chocolate with more chocolate with some chocolate syrup and chocolate chips and then some more chocolate.” It’s not overload for me; it’s heaven.

So this should come as no surprise:

Mmmm, perfection. Soft, ooey gooey, extra chocolatey brownie with creamy, slightly salty, slightly sweet peanut butter….topped with crunchy chocolate coated chocolate mini-eggs. Heck yeah!

And plus, it looks like a face (egg eyes, bird-like peanut butter drip beak, and peanut better ears, hehe). All the better. <3  Maybe next time I should crush up some mini eggs and add straight to the brownie batter.

Snack in the face – Tastier than a slap

slap in the face, caffeinated cookies and brownies for a snack in the face

Sure, cookies and brownies are a nice pick-me-up on their own, but these bad boys actually pack a 200 mg caffeine punch as well. So on top of the sugar rush, you get 2-4 cups of coffee worth of caffeine, too, so this really is quite the slap snack in the face.