Mom diets, child becomes obese – Which is more dangerous?

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Maybe the title is exaggerating a bit, but this is something I see all the time. This was at a grade school classroom event where parents and siblings were invited. And yes, I took a picture in between chairs. That’s not normal?

Anyway, the root beer is for the toddler on the right (young enough that she isn’t in school yet or she wouldn’t have been able to attend). The water bottle is for the mom on the left.

I won’t climb up on a soapbox or dive into any in depth post here, especially not at the risk of coming off as too judgmental. After all, it’s just a single picture of a single set of drinks at a single time here. It does make me do a double take to see such big issues so clearly laid out sometimes, though.

There is absolutely nothing negative about water and it’s what I drink 99% of the time even, but I happen to know that this particular mom is very weight-conscious, has low self-esteem, etc, and that choice of drink is more likely sparked by a fear of calories than it is an actual choice for health. And on the flip side, if the kid is anything like half of her peers, that probably isn’t the first or last soda she had that day.

I wonder what their health will be like in 10 years. And if she’ll still own those polka dotted shoes by then. ;)


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