White chili smiley faces – Is it winter comfort food time already?

Many years ago, I had a white chili at someone else’s house and fell in love with it.
As with most first loves, any attempt at love after that is never the same again. It doesn’t make it bad by any means and often times it can be so much better even, but you’ll never recreate the feeling of that first one.
That’s how my relationship with white chili is. I have tried making it myself several times. I have ordered it at restaurants. And it’s “okay” but it’s not the same.
I actually really enjoyed this particular chili (sorry, don’t know which recipe I used, though!), but it still didn’t have the heat of that first white chili I tried. That’s even with me having the second bowl down there with all that added pepper, in addition to it already having plenty of spice in it, plus onions.
Ah well.
At least they were all smiling, right?





Flying spaghetti monster? – More face smileys!

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Flying spaghetti monster with pasta, pretzels, and breadstick eyes

Bread that's smiling

waffles, poached eggs, and chocolate smiley face

strawberry smiley

Smiley face with omelet and pancake eyes

Angry tuna fish chunk slices

Kiwi is unhappy


Man on the moon cheese ....or is it melon/cantaloupe?


Even more?

More smiley faces – Surprise!

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I make smiley faces  in my food all the time, but sometimes, they’re naturally occurring. Let’s give a round of applause for all the unaltered food (and cooking stuff!) faces out there.

Or something corny like that. ><

food faces - donut with jam middle

food faces - cocoa with face in steam

food faces - grill with snow that looks like a devilish grin food faces - glasses mugs that look like they're screaming in shock food faces - watermelon slice that's grinning food faces - sandwich smiling